Runner Friendly Businesses Web Page Launched ()

FSRC is working to find places where you can use the rest room on your run, fill up your water bottle, get in out of weather, etc. The web page identifying these Runner Friendly Businesses is now available at or click on Membership > Runner Friendly Businesses. This will be updated from time to time so keep checking back.

We can use help to identify where water fountains and public rest rooms are, among other things. Please take the time to fill out what you can on the questionnaire at

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RRCA Runner Friendly Community Questionnaire ()

FSRC is working with Frederick area government and businesses to attain RRCA’s Runner Friendly Community designation.

We have developed a questionnaire to help us answer some of the application’s questions. Please look at the questionnaire and provide any input you can. Your input is much appreciated.

The questionnaire can be found at


web sites secured ()

I just finished securing the web sites and Hopefully you won’t notice much of a difference other than in your browser window these should indicate “secure” or a lock icon, depending on your browser. The very observant among you might notice the links are now https instead of http.
As always, if you