Member Spotlight: Robin McConaughey ()


“I consider myself athletically challenged. Anyone who has run with me knows I can fall standing still.

I am a late bloomer in my running journey, I did not start until I was 40.


Unbelievable to me, I won a hula hoop contest at my son’s elementary school, then won a jump rope contest. …

scoretility upgrade ()

6/6/21 2:19pm. Upgrade has been completed successfully. If you have any problems, please let us know as soon as possible by sending mail to or

6/6/21 1:53pm. We’ve been doing some work on scoretility, mostly under the hood, but some of the changes will be visible to you. In particular, this should be …

Member Spotlight: Chris Dutton ()

Chris Dutton

“My grandfather always said, he was going to make a runner out of someone in the family. I suppose I was his choice as many of my visits with him were spent being timed around a track or up and down the halls of his apartment. Since that was his wish, I decided to try …

Member Spotlight: Chuck Flayhart ()

Chuck Flayhart

“So how did it start…? I needed to drop a few pounds (and still do), so I started biking. Well, bikes are WAY too efficient and the time needed was more than I could commit, so I then tried running.

It was a slow start, but I eventually found like-minded people who were supportive. In …

Summer Decathlon Schedule ()

After taking a year off due to all of the social restrictions, the summer decathlon is coming back! As with many events there will be a different format due to COVID-19-related issues.

The Frederick County Public Schools adjusted their sports schedule to cram a year of sporting events into a 6-month time slot. One of …