Member Spotlight: Oksana Lightfield ()

Oksana Lightfield

By Oksana Lightfield

In the Beginning

I never saw myself as an athlete. For the longest time, I thought that the word athlete could not be applied to me. Growing up in the 80s in the former Soviet Union, life was interesting.  

Asphalt-paved playgrounds dominated every apartment building courtyard. School-required timed AK-47 assembly/disassembly workshops …

Steeps Tips: How To Get The Stink Out Of Running Clothes ()

Cold-weather running brings with it cold-weather layering, and that means more clothes to wash. Eventually, that winter running gear (find our favorites here) tends to take on its own…personality…developing a stench that even the most advanced washing machines and chemicals can’t seem to eliminate. 

So, we reached out to fellow Frederick Steeplechasers members to …