Fall is here, and with it comes cooler weather, beautiful scenery, and a chance to break out your cooler weather running gear. The FSRC Store is getting in some new fall items, so look for an announcement when the new items are in stock. One of the items is a shirt designed by the talented Lori Schulman

Signature Races

Last month, we wrapped up the last of our Signature Races at Rick’s Run 5.22 Mile Race and Ultra Challenge. It was a great day to spend some time in the woods with friends, honor our heroes (Rick O’Donnell, Larry Key, and John Godinet), and raise money for the FSRC Memorial Scholarship Fund. A huge thank you to Race Director, Crista Horn, and all of the volunteers for putting on a wonderful event. Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 9, 2022, for next year’s event.

Training Programs

Fall also brings the end to the training programs. Thank you to our Training Program Coordinators, Crystal Tressler and Chris Dutton, as well as our behind the scenes Training Programs Administrator, Christine Stafford, for managing all of the training programs this summer and fall. A huge shout out to all of our amazing 2021 coaches. Our training programs are a huge part of the club, and we couldn’t do it without their hard work and dedication. The fall marathon group was coached by Crystal Tressler, Megan Putman, Jean Marie Heim, and Robert Kelley. The spring half marathon group was coached by Michele Newton, Megan Putman, and Jean Marie Heim. The fall half marathon training group was coached by Amanda Berry and Andrea Thompson. The 10k training returned this year and was coached by first-time coaches, Lynn Whiten and Evette Whisner. Syble Roane, Casii Dodd, and Marti Grib-Kachman were back for another year of training for the Women’s 5k group.

Group Runs and Routes

While the training programs are over until February of 2022, we are still running. Group runs will be posted in the FSRC Group Runs Facebook group. Crystal Tressler is known for her hilly country routes, so be sure to check those out. We also encourage you to post runs to get more people out there running. Looking for routes to run in and around Downtown Frederick, check out FSRC Routes (you can also reach this from www.steeplechasers.org > Run With Us > Running Routes). You can sort the routes by mileage, check out the map, and even print your own turn-by-turn directions.  

General Membership Meeting

While we have been getting together at races, Wednesday night we got together in non-running clothes at the General Membership Meeting at the Delaplaine Arts Center. The purpose of this meeting was to recognize all of our wonderful volunteers, as well as highlighting ways that members can get involved in the club. As we hadn’t seen each other in several months and rather than watching a movie as we have done in past years, we played some games. Yes, the teacher in me truly came out as we played a Steeplechasers Scavenger Hunt and Never Have I Ever-The Runner’s Edition. The Scavenger Hunt had members going around the room finding people who met each item listed. A few items on the list included finding someone who has run a 100 miler, someone who has been a member for less than a year, and someone born in Frederick County. Never Have I Ever-Runner’s Edition had tables playing together as a team to see how many items they could check off. These items included losing a toenail, suffering from chafing, and taking a selfie during a run. It was so great to see everyone talking, laughing, and having fun. 

Annual Running Celebration and Banquet

Our next formal gathering will be the Annual Running Celebration and Banquet on Saturday, January 29th at the Delaplaine Arts Center. During this event, we will recognize members who have had outstanding years as runners, as participants/volunteers in the club, and those who have made significant contributions to the running community at large. Look for information from Shannon Matthews and Ruth Taylor, the Chairs of the Competition Committee about nominations.

JFK 50

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 20th. This is the date of JFK 50 and as we have done for many years, the Steeplechasers will have an aid station. This year, several Steeplechasers are running JFK 50: Adam Lowe, Erica McCann, Patrick Key, Robert Kelley, Ainsley Cain, Chris Dutton, and yours truly. I can’t wait to get to the Steeps aid station and see everyone, as well as getting a delicious cookie made by Harriet Langlois.

As the holiday season approaches, I hope that you enjoy time with family and friends, and get out there and get moving. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes! Layer up and enjoy the cooler temps.

Heidi Novak

FSRC President