President’s Message ()

by Jill Cameron

These past six months as President of the Steeplechasers, I have come to appreciate the time and effort volunteers commit to make this one of the best running clubs around. From our training programs to our social events along with the hours that are spent behind the scenes, I continue to be …

Notes from the Pack – I’m Not Alone ()

by John Godinet

I wrote this story for the ALS newsletter, and I wanted to share with all my friends…

ALS has not really affected my running, if anything, I’m welcoming ALS. See, we all go through life, skipping right along; nothing in the world is going to get you down. Then one day a …

The FSRC Store is Now Open! ()

by Joshua Roane

The long-awaited day has finally arrived. The FSRC merchandise store is live! We have stocked the store with assorted items for sale including shirts, hats, socks, and last-but-not-least, the Dri-Seat car seat cover! Current inventory is small, but the future holds no limits. Other items will continue to be added as they …

Stay Tuned with Nicole – Time on Your Feet Matters ()

by Nicole Davis, DPT

I am a “take-my-time-and-enjoy-the-scenery” type of runner.  I can run to that finish line 50 kilometers away; I’m just not going to get there particularly quickly.  I’m okay with this, and enjoy the journey anyway.  The problem arises when I’m trying to find a training plan for that 50k race.

Training …

Faster in the Past ()

by Brent Ayer

Faster in the Past Spotlight: Patrick Key, Accomplished Soldier and Runner

At its most simple, getting better at distance running involves consistently doing the greatest amount of work from which you are able to recover.  In this regard, service in the military is the proverbial double-edged sword. On the one hand, military culture respects discipline, hard work, and fitness. On the other, deployments to harsh or restrictive environments interfere with the ability to train consistently. Continue reading “Faster in the Past”

Steeps Represent at North Face Endurance Challenge ()

Twenty Steeplechasers toed the line, and finished, North Face Endurance Challenge trail races on April 29th and 30th.  With temperatures in the 90’s, July humidity to match, and no real period of heat acclimatization, this was no small feat. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, an afternoon rainstorm made for sloppy trails for the last miles heading into the finish.  Ultra running veterans Steve Dobson and Rachel Ridgway placed 1st and 3rd, respectfully, in their age groups in the 50K.  Sixteen year old Rylee Schwee placed 3rd in her age group in her first ever trail half marathon. Continue reading “Steeps Represent at North Face Endurance Challenge”

Racing Across the Pond ()

Race Notes from Malcolm Senior

The Thirsk 10-Miler

Thirsk town lies in the Vale of Mowbray, 23 miles north of York and a one hour drive from Rotherham. A busy market square is surrounded by shops and pubs. It is a popular tourist destination close to the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. It …

FSRC 2017 Officers & Key Volunteers ()

President – Jill Cameron
Vice President – Eric Cameron
Secretary – Nicole Davis
Treasurer – Harriet Langlois
Calendar – Jenny Hallberg
Community Liaison – Lou King
Community Service, Gettysburg Marathon – Jill Cameron
Community Service, JFK 50 Aid Station – Paul Christiansen
Competitions – Shannon Matthews
Communications – Luanne Houck
Happy Hour – Heidi Novak …

Intervals Submission Guidelines ()

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Submission guidelines:

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