President’s Message – April 2021 ()

Greetings Steeplechasers. As I begin my term as President, I can’t help but think back to my very first Steeplechaser event. After hearing about the Steeplechasers from Mark Lawrence at my school’s 5k race, I signed up with plans to run the Frederick Half Marathon the following year. I can still remember that cold February …

Steeps Tips: How To Get The Stink Out Of Running Clothes ()

Cold-weather running brings with it cold-weather layering, and that means more clothes to wash. Eventually, that winter running gear (find our favorites here) tends to take on its own…personality…developing a stench that even the most advanced washing machines and chemicals can’t seem to eliminate. 

So, we reached out to fellow Frederick Steeplechasers members to …

Virtual Market Street Mile Raises $6,400 to Benefit Frederick Youth Programs ()

New format brings new opportunities for regional ‘adventures’

FREDERICK, Md. — While the running event typically has streams of participants sprinting southbound through the heart of downtown Frederick as part of Celebrate Frederick’s In the Streets festival, this year’s Market Street Mile had many of them heading north. This is because the 2020 event took …

Steeplechasers Chris Bailey & Elaine Greisbach Complete Epic CAT-100 Challenge ()

By Oksana Lightfield

The year 2020 has definitely proven to be the epic year of legendary challenges. With official races falling like dominoes, cancelled or becoming virtual, our Steeps ultra tribe did not stop running for one minute. In fact, people have been running farther and faster. 

Take Chris Bailey and Elaine Griesbach. On October 10, the two Steeps successfully ran the Catoctin 100-mile Challenge. Chris and Elaine, who participated in a friendly ultra running challenge before, were each looking for an opportunity to run a 100-miler this year. Since the hit of COVID-19 in early March resulted in cancellation of most organized races, the two ultra running buddies, seeking inspiration and motivation despite the unfolding chaos, decided to attempt another friendly challenge — to run their own 100-miler on a grueling but beautiful variation of the former Catoctin 100 Mile Race, originally organized by Jim Treece and his incredible team of volunteers: Vince Vaughn, Mike Holland, Dave Garmin, Jodi Treece, Lance Cummins, Carole and Addie Smith, and Bill Susa. The inaugural race was run in 2009 but after 2011 the race was unfortunately shut down due to permit issues on the Appalachian Trail. 

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