President’s Message ()

Spring is always such an exciting time for runners. We are setting goals and getting ready for summer running events. The winter, and hopefully the rain, has dispersed.

My favorite time to run in the spring is at dawn. Nothing is better. Watching the sun rise and enjoying the cool air is refreshing and invigorating.…

Ouch! Now What? ()

by Nicole Davis, DPT

Sooner or later it happens to even elite runners. Maybe it’s sudden and dramatic – the flip of an ankle on a section of raised sidewalk in Downtown Frederick. Maybe it’s a little twinge of the shin during the final weeks of training for your next half marathon. Ouch! Now what?…

Going the Distance ()

by Heidi Novak

When the 2017 Women’s 5K Training Program ended, many participants wondered, “What will we do now?” Thanks to Jolene Haile-Miller, weekly off-season runs continued. Maxann Davis, Brigitte Farrell, Katie Marple, Melissa Sites and Caree Vander Linden joined these runs and started increasing their mileage. They started talking about half marathons during a …

Race Report – Dam Yeti 50k ()

by Kerry McHugh

Fifteen Steeplechasers traveled down to Damascus, Virginia, to run the first inaugural Dam Yeti 50k on Saturday, June 2nd. The course runs along the Virginia Creeper trail, an old rail trail that offers sweeping views of the south Virginian valleys and farmlands. The Steeplechasers crew (known to the race director …

Racing Team Results ()

March 2018 – May 2018

3/3/2018 Myrtle Beach Marathon Lou King 4:05:28, Harriet Langlois 4:13:56 (2nd AG)
3/4/2018 St. Patrick’s 10k Ruth Taylor 48:58 (2nd AG), Art Gregory 53:53 (1st AG)
3/4/2018 St. Patrick’s 5k Ruth Taylor 22:38 (1st AG)
3/10/2018 Forest of Needwood 5 Miler Jennifer Hallberg 32:16 (1st Female), Mike Geisler 33:17 (1st

FSRC Officers & Key Volunteers ()

President – Jill Cameron

Vice President – Eric Cameron

Secretary – Nicole Davis

Treasurer – Harriet Langlois

Board of Directors – Brent Ayer, Pam Geernaert, Lou King, Mark Lawrence, Tim O’Keefe, John Stuart

Calendar – Jenny Hallberg

Competition – Shannon Matthews & Ruth Taylor

Communications & Bimonthly News Blast – Anne Shubert

Community Liaison – …

President’s Message ()

As I begin my second year as president of the Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club, I appreciate and admire all of the runners who have been a part of the club for so many years and the members who are just starting and are eager to take on new running goals. This club continues to impress …

2017 Major Award Winners ()

Congratulations to the following 2017 Steeps Major Award Winners for your achievements and contributions to our local running community!

Rising Star Women – Erica McCann

Rising Star Men – Louis Schiavone

Most Improved Women – Lindsey Weaver

Most Improved Men – John Duffy

Iron Pup – Mosley Ridgway

Iron Woman – Rachel Ridgway

Iron Man …

Which Shoe for You? Just Ask Your Feet ()

by S. Nicole Davis, DPT

Shoes! So many options. So many opinions. How can a runner possibly figure out which shoe is the right shoe for their foot and style of running?

I’m going to lay this out there right at the beginning – there is no magic shoe! Stop looking for the shoe that …

Faster in the Past ()

by Brent Ayer

25 Years Ago: Highlights from 1993

John Doub ran 26:42 to out leg David Shafer (27:04) to win the Autumn Leaves 5 Miler held at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Other Steeplechaser notables who finished that day included Dwayne Late (17th), Tim O’Keefe (18th), Joe Myers (24th), …