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Come here to brag a bit about your first 5K, longest run ever, getting hardware at a race, whatever  you want that is running related. Just fill in and submit the form and we’ll be able to see what you did. It just might get published in the next Intervals!

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Event Date
Brag Text
Luanne Houck5/9/2015Ran Running with the Cows half marathon in Kansas which completes my 28th state!
Ali Bierly5/3/2015PR'd by almost 15 minutes at the Frederick half! Next stop, breaking 2h!
Robbie Blaylock5/3/2015Ran my first half (Frederick Half) at a time of 2:26.
Mike Geisler4/25/2015Ran a 19:45 NMES 5K. I set a goal to break 20 minutes a few years ago....BOOM!!
Kathy Turk5/3/2015Ran 5K beside my daughter, brain cancer survivor + my inspiration to run
Ali Bierly5/25/201526:28 at the Parkway Panda 5k... Best 5k time since I started running again!
Meaghan Vance6/6/2015Set a 10 Miler PR at the Baltimore 10 miler! 1:29:47
Mike Armogida5/3/2015PR'd and broke 2hr for first time in a half marathon!
meaghan vance10/25/2015 PR'ed by 22 minutes this year at the Marine Corps Marathon!
Brenda Jacobs11/21/2015Finished my first JFK 50 in 10:40:37! It was a great day!
Michelle Mitchell11/22/2015Finished my 1st JFK 50 in 12:35 minutes. Feeling great!
Michelle Mitchell4/18/2015Finished North Face 50K 🙂
Michelle Mitchell3/28/2015Finished my 1st 50K at Seneca Valley in 7:18.
Michelle Mitchell8/30/2015Finsihed 1st trail marathon in 1st place in age group! Feeling Happy
Michelle Mitchell10/10/20151st Freedom's Marathon and PR'd in 4:54 🙂
meaghan vance11/26/2015PRd by 1 min 46 seconds for a 5k for a time of 23:10