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President’s Message – April 2021 ()

Greetings Steeplechasers. As I begin my term as President, I can’t help but think back to my very first Steeplechaser event. After hearing about the Steeplechasers from Mark Lawrence at my school’s 5k race, I signed up with plans to run the Frederick Half Marathon the following year. I can still remember that cold February …

Member Spotlight: Billy Clem ()

Billy Clem

I would love to share your stories, accomplishments or anything else you would like to share, please send them to

All Steeplechasers positions are 100% voluntary and we have a wide variety of volunteer positions available. Please make sure you thank those special people who donate their valuable time and if interested in lending a hand, please reach out.

This member was one of my first coaches. He is always friendly, supportive, encouraging to all and has stepped up once again to volunteer lead the Steeps Trail Running Group. This week’s amazing member spotlight is on Billy Clem.

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Member Spotlight: Oksana Lightfield ()

Oksana Lightfield

By Oksana Lightfield

In the Beginning

I never saw myself as an athlete. For the longest time, I thought that the word athlete could not be applied to me. Growing up in the 80s in the former Soviet Union, life was interesting.  

Asphalt-paved playgrounds dominated every apartment building courtyard. School-required timed AK-47 assembly/disassembly workshops …

Steeps Tips: How To Get The Stink Out Of Running Clothes ()

Cold-weather running brings with it cold-weather layering, and that means more clothes to wash. Eventually, that winter running gear (find our favorites here) tends to take on its own…personality…developing a stench that even the most advanced washing machines and chemicals can’t seem to eliminate. 

So, we reached out to fellow Frederick Steeplechasers members to …