Log Quick Guide

What’s all this I hear about a new running log?

Thanks to Eric at RunningAHEAD.com and our own Steve Dobson, we are pleased to announce a new service – an online running log integrated into the steeplechasers.org web site!

This running log is completely free. It is simple and intuitive to use, yet allows you to record all aspects of your training. Track your shoe mileage and map your running routes. Create training plans, custom activities, and workout types.

You can enter your data manually, or upload your workouts directly from your Garmin Forerunner GPS or from data files.

This log will help you track all your mileage, and will help the club’s Competition Committee learn about races you ran that aren’t in the Grand Prix or Decathlon series. There is more to a running log than just entering statistics. It should be an integral part of your training, whether you are new to running or qualified for the Boston Marathon.

At a minimum, it should give you a broad overview of your training at a quick glance. Ideally, your running log can help you identify areas of weakness, or serve as an affirmation of your achievements.

To start using the log:

  1. On www.steeplechasers.org , click on the Training -> Running Log menu entry, or just click on http://steeplechasers.runningahead.com/logs. You should see a sign-in screen.
  2. Click on “Create your free account now” (or if you are already a member of RunningAHEAD.com, sign in normally, and continue from step 5)
  3. Fill in the form. You need to use a real email address. The screen name can be anything you like. Click “Create”.
  4. Confirm your distance units, etc. Click “Save.”
  5. You’ll be prompted “Request for Permission”. This allows automated searching of race and other log data for race analysis by the Competition Committee, and for other fun reports about the club’s weekly mileage. (Note: If you deny access at this point, you will be prompted to grant the permission after every log in.) Please click “Allow.”
  6. IMPORTANT — you’re not quite done… Click “Settings” on the left, near the bottom, and continue with these instructions. This has been missed by several people, but is necessary for the Steeplechasers’s reports to work!
  7. Click “Account Info” tile.
  8. Click “My Profile” tab.
  9. Please fill in at least the following so we can match you to club membership information and calculate age-grade for some of the reports and Decathlon standings:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Date of birth
      • Gender
  10. Click “Save.”
  11. Click “LOG” on the Steeplechasers header to get back to your log summary.

You can then add a new run manually by clicking “New run entry,” or click on “Upload GPS Data” to load your runs straight from your Garmin Forerunner, etc.

  • Note: You might be prompted to install or update Garmin Communicator Plug-in the first time you try to load data from your Garmin.