Training Testimonials

The day after Marine Corps Marathon (2015), Lisa Stern Schneider had the following to say about our marathon training program. Thanks, Lisa, and we agree — Jan and Billy are great coaches, and our training programs are the best!

Thank you Billy Clem and Janadel Harris for the training program that was run by the two of you. I can honestly say that if you follow a plan, have a great coach, listen to you body, be determined, hydrate and fuel properly, rest when needed, have great running buddies and just enjoy the journey, you can do anything you put your mind to. I said a year ago I would never run a marathon and what I accomplished yesterday was just amazing. The program that the Steeplechasers offer is incredible. Yes, hill training is hard as you know what and I know that I complained about every single hill and I know that I missed a few but they make a difference. Thank you again and look forward to the next training cause now I need to figure out what marathon to run next year!