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We are the Frederick County, MD affiliate of the RRCA

Welcome to the Frederick Steeplechaser Running Club

How Do I Join?

To join the Frederick Steeplechaser Running Club, click here and follow the instructions for Online Registration.


Promoting Running as a Healthful, Challenging, and Enjoyable Activity! In other words, we are the organization that supports both runners and race directors here in Frederick County. How do we do this?  Three primary ways:

  1. By helping to plan and support running events, and training programs.
  2. By coordinating and providing information about running events and training resources in our area.
  3. By helping runners of all types to run, learn, grow, AND HAVE GREAT TIMES TOGETHER!

Why are we called the Steeplechasers?

It’s not because we do steeplechases.  Steeplechasers is a play on words that is derived from the city of Frederick being known for its “clustered spires” referred to in a famous poem about the town.  We have no religious affiliation and we generally don’t ride horses or do a lot of hurdling.  We’re just folks who just like to stay fit through running.

Why should you join?

If you’re a runner or are thinking about becoming a runner, there are some very good reasons for becoming a member.    The primary reason is that we are an all volunteer organization that is made up of people who want to make a contribution and give something back to the running community for all the benefit that it provides us.  If you need more reasons than that, click on the “Membership”  link on the left and see some of the benefits of being a Steeplechaser.

How we’re organized:

Our club is organized by committees.  Each functional committee is listed on the menu down the left side of the page.  If you click on one of the selections on that menu, you’ll learn about the committee and their area of responsibility.

How to Communicate with Us:

To hear what’s going on among our members, check out our Facebook Page. Members are able to post information and discuss a variety of topics with everyone in the club through this tool.  As a guest on our site, you may read the information on the Facebook page, but you must be a member to post.  If you want to contact us otherwise, click on the menu at the top of this page.

You can also check us out