2024 Series Standings

Grand Prix



2024 Race Results

01/13/2024Lewis Memorial 10 MilerAG Results
02/25/2024RRCA Club Challenge 10 MilerAG Results
03/09/2024The Forest of Needwood 5 MilerAG Results
04/14/2024CMES Roaring Lion 5K
04/21/2024Wild Trail 5k and 10kAG Results (5k)
AG Results (10k)
04/27/2024Springburst 10kAG Results
05/05/2024Frederick Half MarathonAG Results
06/05/2024FSRC Summer Decathlon 800mAG Results
06/15/2024FSRC Summer Solstice 8kAG Results

Age-Graded results (AG Results) are used for scoring the FSRC Equalizer series. They are calculated for the other FSRC Grand Prix races for informational purposes only. Age-Graded results are only calculated for FSRC members who participated in the race. Equalizer Series results will show the results sorted by time and by age grade. The remaining Grand Prix races will show results sorted by time only.

Summer Decathlon Race Results: 1600m 800m 3000m 600m

Past Results