FSRC Logos

The current official FSRC logo was approved March 19, 2015.  Alternate colors for the new logo, and whether border is dark or light, are variants that are acceptable, and depend on the application the logo is being used for. Shape and font must match what is shown here under “base version”. Some alternate examples are shown as well for illustration.

Note font is “Myriad Pro Bold”, which should be used for any additional text.

Logo Download Comments
FSRC3-2015-03-18 png jpg eps ai large base version
FSRC3-2015-03-18-filled png sky white filled
FSRC3-2015-09-03-solid png eps ai solid colored
FSRC4-2015-03-18  png eps ai  alternate
FSRC5-2015-03-18  png eps ai  alternate
FSRC6-2015-03-18  png eps ai  alternate