Decathlon Series

Join us at 6:30 PM on Wednesday evenings during the summer for some fun summer runs with the family-friendly Decathlon Series! All ages and abilities are welcome. No pre-registration required; just show up.

2023 Decathlon Series Standings


The events will be held at the Frederick High School track beginning June 1 and each Wednesday evening through August 3.


  • Arrive a bit before 6:30 PM to sign-in
  • 1600m warm-up
  • Main timed event (200 m through 2 mi, different each week)
    • Run in heats
    • Heat placement is voluntary
  • Kids’ 100 m dash (untimed) – freeze pops for the kids at the end
  • Fun relay event (optional, generally untimed)

Decathlon Series Races

June 2022

Wednesday 1: 6:30 pm Summer Decathlon 1600m
Wednesday 8: 6:30 pm Summer Decathlon 2 Mile
Wednesday 15: 6:30 pm Summer Decathlon 600m
Wednesday 22: 6:30 pm CANCELLED Summer Decathlon 1500m
Wednesday 29: 6:30 pm Summer Decathlon 1500m and 400m

July 2022

Wednesday 6: 6:30 pm Summer Decathlon 800m
Wednesday 13: 6:30 pm Summer Decathlon 3000m
Wednesday 20: 6:30 pm Summer Decathlon 1000m
Wednesday 27: 6:30 pm Summer Decathlon 200m

August 2022

Wednesday 3: 6:30 pm Summer Decathlon 1 Mile


  1. Series consists of the 10 races to the extent those events are held.
  2. In a given race, the runner’s time used for scoring is their “age-graded result” determined by their age on race day and their actual time (see below).
  3. All races count towards scoring.
  4. You must run a minimum of 5 races to qualify for an award.
  5. Participation is open to paid FSRC members.
  6. Score for a given race is based on the number of FSRC members within each gender, multiplied by 10. For example, if there are 25 women in a given race, the first place women would receive 250 points, 2nd place 240 points, etc. down to 10 points for the last place woman.
  7. In the event of a tie between runners in a race, the points will be split between the runners. For example if two runners tie for first in a race with 25 of that gender, each runner would receive 245 points.

Age-Graded Scoring

Age-graded scoring allows runners of any age and any gender to be compared fairly against each other. If you are interested in the fine details, click here. The official age-grading calculator used by FSRC for the Decathlon Series can be found here.


Members placing in the top 10 for the series for each gender receive an award at the FSRC End-of-Summer Picnic.


If you would like to volunteer to help at a decathlon event, contact or