President’s Message ()

Heidi Novak at JFK 2022 Mile-19 Aid Station.

In the Beginning

When I joined the club at the end of 2014, I never saw myself becoming the president of the club. In actuality, I never saw myself becoming a runner. I was one of those kids who would try to get out of PE class and would avoid physical activities, such as yard work. I started working out in college and briefly played on the women’s rugby team. I kept up with aerobic classes after college, but it wasn’t until the school I was working at started planning a 5K that I started getting interested in running. I can still remember my dad’s Facebook post after my first half marathon, sharing about his daughter who was a “late bloomer”. While I didn’t meet my overly ambitious goal of a 2-hour half marathon (my time was 2:02:40), I had caught the running bug and had found a running club to help me with my goals.

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President’s Message ()

Heidi Novak

As 2022 comes to a close, let’s take a moment to look back on the amazing year that the club has had. It was also my second year as president, and one that was filled with many changes. There were changes with committees and changes to the club’s Constitution. An upcoming change will take effect …

Sluggish website results ()

We were able to investigate the website slowdown without impacting the production system. It turns out there are two plugins which don’t play well together. For now we’ve disabled the less important one (the features are just visible to admins anyway), so the website performance should be much improved.

As always, if you see any …

Investigation of website behavior ()

Some of you may have noticed the club website has been running slowly lately.

Kathy Cea and I (Lou King) believe we have tracked down the cause to be a recent update of the calendar “plugin” we use, and are working with the vendor to debug the problem. While we have a staging site to …