Meet the Racing Team

Meet the members of the Frederick Steeplechasers Racing Team. Our Racing Team is comprised of an Elite and a Developmental Team. We all enjoy competing in a variety of distances from 200m to 100 miles. We have members that are relatively new to the club and a handful that are seasoned veterans who truly round out our team with their experience. We look forward to our 2017 season and hope this is the stepping stone for many more years of fast times.

Elite Team

Developmental Team

Team Bios

Lance Dockery

Bill Duke

Art Gregory

Hi I’m Art Gregory and I am; correction I was a jogger! I have been cured since August 2011 and have not regressed. With support of my Steeplechasers friends I will not return to that affliction! The life giving but humbling event that led to my becoming a runner is known by a few of my Steeps friends (they will not tell) it’s not for publication. You have to ask me on one of those longer training runs when my guard is down. From that first humbling 5k to my more recent runs I have taken almost 6 min off my 5k time and now realized that I am in better overall condition than 20 years ago. Maybe not quite as fast but better overall. Peer pressure brought me to this point. Thanks to Ruth, Robin, Paul, Kerry, Jo, Jan, Pam, Steve, Jan, Billy, Malcom, and all the other Steeplechasers who have made running a fun and keep me going with their humor and perseverance long after my 200 yards is done. The 200 was my favorite race until these great Steeps pulled me along with them from 5K to 10K to half marathon.  Now I think it’s the 5K.  Next year ???

I don’t think I have just one favorite race but there are a few I think were great, The Ukrop 10K in Richmond with 34,000 runners, fans and bands the whole way, The Shamrock 1/2 marathon for the after party, The bay bridge 10K race for The Bridge Views, and the Bel Air 5K for a great PR. I became a runner late in life so there’s a lot to learn and some catching up to do.

Jenny Hallberg

Jenny started running in high school as a way to stay in shape for soccer, but she enjoyed running so much that she quit soccer altogether! She completed her first marathon at age 17, and has since run 4 more (and subsequently sworn off the distance each time). Always one to run for the sheer bliss of running (and to burn off the calories from eating Hawaiian pizza and peanut butter desserts), Jenny had previously never run competitively, and she enjoys having the opportunity to do so on the Steeps racing team. Her favorite distance is the half marathon and although she typically prefers small, low-key races to big ones, her best-loved race is the Frederick Half Marathon. Jenny is an active volunteer on the Steeps technology committee, and her big goal for 2017 is to run a sub-1:30 half marathon.

Harriet Langlois

After running for a few years in my 20’s, I took some time off to focus on career and kids.  I got back to it in 1996 at age 40, and started seriously going after the marathon distance in 2005. 10 years later, I have completed 24 marathons in 17 states and hope to continue collecting states in the coming years. The Steeplechasers have pushed me to race different distances, including the hateful-but-fun track series of our Summer Decathlon. In my spare time, I volunteer for the Steeplechasers in various roles, including race director of the Frederick Women’s Distance Festival.

Shannon Matthews

Shannon Matthews started running in 2009 as a way to get in shape between having her 2nd and 3rd child. She quickly fell in love with the sport and has since run 10 marathons and countless shorter races. She looks forward to joining the Frederick Steeplechasers Racing Team and setting new PR’s in distances ranging from 5k to the marathon.

Lokesh Meena

Pam Monaghan-Geernaert

Pamela Monaghan-Geerneart has completed 19 marathons and 20 ultras (50k, 50 mile, 100k). She has run the Boston marathon 4 times. Pamela is the past president of the Frederick Steeplechaser’s Running Club and a regular pacer for the Baltimore Pacers.

Katelin Knepley

I started running in 6th grade when I was the manager for my middle school’s cross country team and have been hooked ever since with continuing to compete throughout high school, college, and now locally in Frederick. In the past I focused on mainly shorter distances (1 mile – 5K) but am now trying to expand into 10ks, half marathons, and…someday…marathons! I love running both competitively and socially and hope to make it something I can enjoy lifelong.

Tim O’Keefe

Conny Pritchard

Louis Schiavone

Louis, 24, was a “late bloomer” in terms of competitive running, as he had never run on a team in high school nor in college. His interest in distance running was sparked by his first 5K, the Frederick Turkey Trot in 2012. From there, he continued running solo mostly to stay in shape and counteract the “college kid diet.” Louis completed his first marathon in March of 2015 and got involved with the Steeplechasers in late 2016. Running with the Steeplechasers has brought Louis an immense amount of joy and growth as a runner, and he hopes to help provide that to other runners in the Frederick community and beyond. So far, Louis’s “best” run was a 59:20 at the 2017 Baltimore 10 Miler, yet his “favorite” run was the 2017 Frederick Half Marathon because of the hometown crowd and all the FSRC friends there. Louis hopes to break the 3-hour mark at the 2017 Baltimore Marathon, so he can earn an entry to Boston by 2020.

Lorraine Sullivan

I started running in my mid 30’s when I became bored with my morning walks. I tried running to the next corner and thought I would be sick! The next morning I ran for a full minute! Three weeks later I was running 3 miles. Now, with the support and friendship of the Steeplechasers, I’ve qualified for Boston, and run any race distance from the 1 mile to 50 miles. I think 50 is my limit…but never say never!

Ruth Taylor

My name is Ruth Taylor.  I’m a reformed soccer player.  Been running all my life as part of sports but have only been racing for the past 8 years.  I’m a racing generalist…I love all distances from 1 mile races to marathons. The past 3 years I’ve completed over 35 races each year.  Recent racing pursuits have been completing most of the MD RRCA race series over the past few years and pursuing marathons in all 50 states.

Chris VanSant

I started running as I neared my 40th birthday as a way to get in shape. Once I experienced the fun and competitiveness of racing, it turned into a passion. My favorite running moment was qualifying for Boston at the Steamtown Marathon in October 2015. I love to take part in team relays such as Odyssey and Ragnar. My short term goals are a sub-1:25 Half, a 3:15 Full, and a sub-38 10K.

Jamie Wisz