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Frederick Steeplechasers Member Spotlight: Ryan Fields ()

Ryan Fields and his family

I was indoctrinated into the running culture from a very young age. Some of my earliest memories are cheering on my Mom at the Rockville Twilight 8K or sitting on my Dad’s shoulders as we walked across the Bay Bridge, while my mom and her running pals disappeared into the distance ahead of us. For most of my life, I ran in fits and spurts…a few months here, a 5K there, mostly running community adjacent, but never finding myself within it.

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Frederick Steeplechasers Member Spotlight: Lisa Layman ()

Lisa Layman

Lisa has been a Steeplechaser for some time and participated in several of our training programs. Recently, we welcomed Lisa as a Training Committee Chairperson. Below is a spotlight on Lisa’s running career in her own words.

Running has been part of my life since I participated in my school’s 2nd grade field day where I was able to beat the boys! With my newfound confidence, I started competing when I was eight.

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Summer Decathlon 2022 ()

By Tim O’Keefe


Welcome to the 31st Summer Decathlon Awards ceremony. The decathlon began in 1990 …probably before many of you were even born! At that time FCC had a track that was open all the time and the club already short races there in the summer months. During …

Best Steeps’ Running Tips for Beginner Runners ()

Trail runners running on a trail

Running. A body in motion. A mechanism of terrestrial locomotion with a type of gait that allows one to become aerial, albeit for a fraction of a second, with energy stores derived from springy tendons and elastic muscles. The world’s most accessible sport with the most expensive shoes, lots of health benefits, and just as many injuries if not done right. We all love it and we all practice it in some way, shape, or form. Some of us are naturally good at it, and some of us are perpetual learners trying to improve. We all started somewhere and, at one point or another, welcomed advice from those more experienced around us. Let’s hear the Steeps’ version of the running tips given to beginner runners, from the most serious to the tongue-in-cheek. Enjoy!

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High School Steeplechasers Working Hard! ()

We have some amazing high school Steeplechasers shattering school records and competing at the county, regional, and state levels! Read on to learn more about some of them and their noteworthy accomplishments.

Maryland Public Secondary School Athletic Association Track and Field outdoor spring season has wrapped up with many successes by our youth runners. Following a season of outdoor meets, athletes compete in Championships including County, Central Maryland Conference, Regional by Division and then State by Division. It’s a grueling race schedule, competing weekly and sometimes on back-to-back days. Congratulations to our youth for all of their accomplishments! Go STEEPS!

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Member Spotlight: Scott Homolka ()

Scott Homolka

My running story is only just beginning.

I’m 52 years old, and until about five months ago, I had never run a mile in my life. Sure, a couple of times over the years I’m sure that I made an attempt or two: a New Year’s resolution to finally get into shape, or a short-lived attempt, here or there, at turning around unhealthy habits in middle age by making a pledge to myself to exercise. But lacing up sneakers and getting out on the road just never appealed to me; I’m not afraid to admit it.

But I’ve always LOVED the outdoors: camping, hiking & bouldering, and traveling to national parks—or state parks—has always brought me joy.

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