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Member Spotlight: Robin McConaughey ()


“I consider myself athletically challenged. Anyone who has run with me knows I can fall standing still.

I am a late bloomer in my running journey, I did not start until I was 40.


Unbelievable to me, I won a hula hoop contest at my son’s elementary school, then won a jump rope contest. …

Member Spotlight: Chris Dutton ()

Chris Dutton

“My grandfather always said, he was going to make a runner out of someone in the family. I suppose I was his choice as many of my visits with him were spent being timed around a track or up and down the halls of his apartment. Since that was his wish, I decided to try …

Member Spotlight: Chuck Flayhart ()

Chuck Flayhart

“So how did it start…? I needed to drop a few pounds (and still do), so I started biking. Well, bikes are WAY too efficient and the time needed was more than I could commit, so I then tried running.

It was a slow start, but I eventually found like-minded people who were supportive. In …

Caution: Streaking Runners Ahead! ()

Roxanne celebrating one of her recent RSDs

As we now know, streaking in running lingo has recently assumed a new meaning. It has nothing to do with running naked in public as a result of a lost dare. Streaking simply means running on consecutive days, for a set period of time, without fail. It is not as easy as you might think. …

Member Spotlight: Jim Treece ()

Jim Treece

“I ran my first organized race in 1995, the Garrett 5K, in downtown Frederick. It was soon after that that I became a Steeplechaser.

By 1997, I had run numerous 5K races and thought I was ready to try a marathon. I figured, I better do it soon because I was coming up on 30 …

Member Spotlight: Marie Burnett ()

Marie Burnett and her granddaughter

“I started running in 2011, when my best friend encouraged me to try the treadmill by just ‘running the straights’. I soon discovered I was better suited to run outside and ran my first 5K that same year. It was the Way Station Turkey Trot and I ran it in just under 30 minutes. A …

Member Spotlight: Jolene Haile-Miller ()

Jolene Miller

“I became interested in running when a coworker was starting to run. He was excited about his new endeavor and encouraged me to try running as well.

Once I got out there and started pounding the pavement, I was hooked! It was my turn then to encourage others in the workplace to come out and …