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Frederick Steeplechasers Member Spotlight: Rob Prokop ()

This week’s spotlight features one of our new Directors, Rob Prokop.

Rob Prokop began his running journey in 2001, in his early 30’s.   Instead of starting with a 5K, he jumped right in and decided to run the Marine Corps Marathon for his first race, (NOT his best move).   Since then, he has completed the MCM 10 times, earning him recognition from the race.

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Phunt 2023 Race Recap: In Which I Exploded in a Spectacular Fashion and Am OK with It ()

In January 2022, I ran the Phunt 25K trail race in Elkton, Maryland, for the first time. And I loved it. It’s a great, runnable course – similar to Little Bennet’s trails. I hadn’t trained adequately, in my opinion, but still had a great race and finished in 3:57. I was pleased, but knew I could do better. And so I immediately signed up to run the race again in 2023.

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Frederick Steeplechasers Member Spotlight: Paul Lively ()

Paul Lively

One beautiful morning in January 2013, when I took my two-year-old son to his doctor’s appointment, I decided to step on the scale. 292 poundsWOW!! I was huge, larger than I have ever been.

As a former college lacrosse player, I was shocked how heavy I was, so I decided to do something about it. Diet and running were going to be my new hobby! 

The only issue was, I couldn’t run more than a quarter mile before I was gassed, so baby steps it was!

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New Year – New Goals ()

Steeplechasers Racing Team

by Tim O’Keefe

If you haven’t tried one of the Steeplechasers Breakfast Runs, you are missing one of the fun perks offered by the club. Where else can you have someone else plan your route, have miles fly by as you enjoy conversing with the group, and then a hot and delicious feast waiting for you at the end? During the first breakfast run of the year, one of the ongoing discussions dealt with goals for the new year. First marathon or half marathon race, a Boston qualifier, getting back to race shape, and avoiding injuries were some of the topics brought up. Another goal for some of you might be to up your racing a notch. If that interests you, then the Steeplechasers Racing Team may be that carrot dangled in front of you to set that as a goal. 

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Steeplechasers Reflect on 2022 Accomplishments and Share Goals for 2023 ()

Steeplechasers recently took to the Frederick Steeplechasers Facebook group to share their 2022 running accomplishments and 2023 running goals.

Recapping the 2022 Season:

Many steeplechasers shared news of PR’s, new distances (particularly the half marathon, and marathon), and new volunteer roles within the community.

Barbara Smith Meely shared “I have had some bigger races this …

Frederick Steeplechasers Member Spotlight: Pamela Lesch ()

Pamela Lesch

I am a fairly new member to the Steeplechasers, I joined in July of 2022. I began running in the spring of 2021 in an effort to lose some weight for my October 2021 wedding. I had never run before and was very skeptical about the idea, but had recently met some runners through social media and decided it was worth a shot.

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FSRC Committee Updates – December 2022 ()


As many of you might not know, FSRC (Frederick Steeplechasers Running Club) is an all volunteer organization. The club’s leadership is made up of the Executive Board (Executive Officers and Directors), as well as chairs of the different committees.

Board Meetings are held quarterly (February, May, August, and November). At these meetings, committee chairs share updates. These updates will now be included in the newsletters throughout the year, so you have an idea of what is going on with the club.

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FSRC Junior Members ()

William and Alice Heasman

Did you know that 12% of our club consists of junior members? To be precise, 105 juniors out of total 873 registered FSRC members (as of 12/29/2002). We are so very proud of our budding runners and would like to highlight two of them, Alice and William Heasman, children of our active club volunteer and fastest woman on the FSRC Racing Team and in the club overall, Claire Heasman.

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Outstanding Cross Country Season for the High School Steeplechasers ()

Congratulations to all of our young members that ran cross country for their school! 

A few weeks ago, Crystal Tressler, our Treasurer and mom to David Tressler, FSRC High School Member who runs for Oakdale, attended the end-of-season banquet for Oakdale High School boys’ and girls’ teams. Crystal was touched by what the high school runners had to say about their achievements as well as their struggles, which rings true for all us, runners. Read below Crystal’s brief summary and the runners’ bios that follow.

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Frederick Steeplechasers Member Spotlight: Ryan Fields ()

Ryan Fields and his family

I was indoctrinated into the running culture from a very young age. Some of my earliest memories are cheering on my Mom at the Rockville Twilight 8K or sitting on my Dad’s shoulders as we walked across the Bay Bridge, while my mom and her running pals disappeared into the distance ahead of us. For most of my life, I ran in fits and spurts…a few months here, a 5K there, mostly running community adjacent, but never finding myself within it.

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