Safety Tips

While the club will try to give its best guidance, participants of any event are solely responsible for their own safety, and should act accordingly.

With that said, here are some tips we have come up for keeping safe while on a training run. Also, please take a look at the safety tips recommended by the RRCA.

  • Run on the sidewalk or LEFT side of the road AGAINST traffic (except around sharp turns or when cresting a hill)
  • Always check both ways when crossing streets and assume that drivers don’t see you because they usually don’t. Don’t assume that if a fellow runner starts to cross that you can too, EVERYBODY in the group needs to check traffic. Make eye contact with drivers stopped at intersections and keep an eye on them until you finish crossing the street.
  • When running at night wear reflective clothing or LED lighting such as armbands. We will keep our evening runs in the city but there will still be a few spots with low light and you may also want to wear a headlamp or bring a small flashlight.
  • Watch for uneven surfaces. Downtown Frederick is an old city with many brick covered an uneven sidewalks and unlike on race day the streets will not be closed so we’ll be stepping up and down from sidewalks to streets quite often
  • Be extra careful when running on ice, snow or wet surfaces. Last year we had quite a few Steeplechaser’s injure themselves on slippery surfaces, with everything from small strains to broken bones. So consider running on the dreadmill on poor weather days.
  • For participants in the FSRC Training Programs
    • If there is dangerous weather such as a lightning storm, ice storm, or blizzard we may cancel the group run so please sign up for our weather information service to receive text messages or email alerts.
    • We will also post cancellations on Facebook so please join The Frederick Steeplechasers Facebook Page if you haven’t already.
    • Headphones: We ask that you don’t wear headphones during our group runs, especially the evening runs. Hearing is an important sense when running near cars and other people.   Some people feel that it really isn’t safe to wear them anytime but everyone can make their own decisions regarding their personal safety.  If you need your music when running alone try only using one headphone, or make sure the volume is turned down to the point you can hear traffic.