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Steeps celebrating running

If you’re a member of the Steeplechasers, you can help promote the Club and be an ambassador for running in the Frederick Community. Last weekend I happened to be at Walkersville High School just when the track team was meeting for their morning practice. I introduced myself to their fantastic coach and asked if I …

Frederick Steeplechasers 2022 Annual Awards ()

The Steeplechasers held their 2022 Annual Awards Banquet at the Arc of Frederick County on Saturday January 28, 2023. 108 people were in attendance. The banquet recognizes Steeplechasers who have had an exceptional year of running or service. The Competition Committee solicits nominations for awards each year, and combs through the submissions to select award recipients. 

Find out more about this year’s award recipients!

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President’s Message ()

Heidi Novak at JFK 2022 Mile-19 Aid Station.

In the Beginning

When I joined the club at the end of 2014, I never saw myself becoming the president of the club. In actuality, I never saw myself becoming a runner. I was one of those kids who would try to get out of PE class and would avoid physical activities, such as yard work. I started working out in college and briefly played on the women’s rugby team. I kept up with aerobic classes after college, but it wasn’t until the school I was working at started planning a 5K that I started getting interested in running. I can still remember my dad’s Facebook post after my first half marathon, sharing about his daughter who was a “late bloomer”. While I didn’t meet my overly ambitious goal of a 2-hour half marathon (my time was 2:02:40), I had caught the running bug and had found a running club to help me with my goals.

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