FSRC Annual Running Celebration and Banquet ()

January 27, 6:00-9:00 p.m. – FSRC members and their guest(s) are cordially invited to attend this year’s Annual Running Celebration and Banquet at the Delaplaine Fine Arts Center in downtown Frederick. This is an opportunity for you to meet up with members of the FSRC running community, enjoy dinner and drinks, and participate in our …

President’s Message ()

As I wrap up my first year as the president of this incredible running club, I think about what I am thankful for and goals I have for this next year.

First, I am thankful I can and want to run. It always makes me smile when I share with “non-runners” that I run. They …

The Life and Times of a Race Director ()

by Harriet Langlois

Our FSRC race directors quickly learn that races have a lot of moving parts. We form our committees. We puzzle over promotion, sponsor recruitment, registration, shirt selection, course design, awards, and the all-important post-race food. And we worry. About registration numbers, shirt sizes, volunteers and – will runners like the race? What …

New Running Routes Database ()

by Lou King

Periodically I hear people asking about running routes. Where can I run? How far is it? What does the elevation profile look like? Do you have turn-by-turn directions? I hear this from people from out of town and from club members as well.

The training leads have done a great job collecting …

Yin Yoga – The Slow Road to Recovery ()

by Roseann Abdu

I’ve never been especially flexible. I remember being six years old in gymnastics and feeling this unfamiliar mix of envy and disbelief when the other girls in my group could practically wrap their legs behind their heads, while I struggled to get mine beyond a 90-degree angle. Since, not surprisingly, my days …

ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon, Cleethorpes ()

by Malcolm Senior   

The first ABP Humber Coastal Half Marathon took place in the seaside resort of Cleethorpes on Sunday, September 3, 2017. It was a well-organized race from Tape2Tape with a great goodie bag (t-shirt, string bag, stick of rock, medal and voucher for an ice cream). The race start and finish was on …

Racing Team Results ()

September – November 2017

Date              Race              Athletes / Results
11/23/2017 – Way Station Turkey Trot 5k:  Bill Duke 27:49; Harriet Langlois 25:31 (1st AG); Shannon Matthews 20:46 (2nd AG); Jamie Wisz 19:33; Ruth Taylor 22:15

11/23/2017 – Massapequa Turkey Trot:  Jenny Hallberg 19:05 (2nd overall)

11/23/2017 – Emmitsburg Wattle Waddle:  Chris VanSant 31:41 (4th overall)…