Every year the club recognizes people who have had outstanding years as runners, or as participants/volunteers in the club, or even to those who have made significant contributions to the running community at large. With over 900 members, it’s impossible for the Competition Committee to think of all the many deserving candidates for our club’s annual major awards. We need your nominations for the following awards: Runner of the Year (M&F), Masters Runner of the Year (M&F), Grand Masters Runner of the Year (M&F), Rising Star (M&F), Most Improved (M&F), Ironman/woman, Unsung Hero, Inspiration, and the Waxter Award. Descriptions of each of these awards can be found here. Award recipients will be recognized at the Annual Steeplechasers Banquet in January.

Please send your nominations to Shannon Matthews & Ruth Taylor at competition@steeplechasers.org by Friday December 6, 2019. Thank you in advance for your input!