The 21st annual Frederick Run Fest was hosted on May 6-7, 2023. The festival consists of three different races, the kids’ fun run, the twilight 5k, and the half marathon. The Steeplechasers had a terrific showing!

Winner! Winner!

The First Female Winner was the Steeplechasers’ very own Claire Heasman! Claire Heasman is a member of the Frederick Steeplechasers’ racing team. She ran the half marathon in 1 hour, 23 minutes, and 41 seconds. This was Claire’s 8th time running the Frederick Half Marathon, and her time earned her a PR. The Frederick Half Marathon Marks Claire’s last race with the Steeplechasers as her family prepares to move back to the UK this summer.

First time finishers!

  • This was Michael Anderson’s first race with the Steeplechasers. Welcome Michael!
  • Pamela Colbert Price ran her first-in person race since the pandemic!
  • Angela White Koenig, Hayley Lafferty, Daniela Douglas, and Julie Fernandes ran their first ever half marathons!
  • Karyn Tabor ran her first half marathon in 15 years!
  • This was Sophie Krahnke, Mary Donahue, and Rob Prokop’s first time running the Frederick Half Marathon!
  • This was Jane Dallimore’s first time running the Nut Job!
  • Matt Palm’s 7 year old daughter ran her first 5k! He ran with her and supported her.
  • Michelle Felux ran her first half marathon since becoming a mom of twins!

New Personal Records!

  • With great racing conditions, a number of Steeplechasers were able to achieve PRs (personal records).
  • Rachel Harris earned a 5k PR!
  • J. Adrian Morales, Michelle Lynn Newton, Nick Fox, Jake Sisler, Paul Lively, Sophie Krahnke, Mary Donahue, Matthew Jones, and Rob Prokop earned a half marathon PR!
  • Robert Kelley, Caren Clark, and Farrah Douglas earned course-specific PRs!

Big Comebacks!

  • Mary Snyder completed the nut job after falling and injuring both her knees during week 3 of training
  • Heather Churchey ran the nut job after a 7 year running hiatus!
  • Nick Fox’s half marathon marked his first race pain-free since injuring his knee
  • Ainsley Cain ran the half marathon after being out with an injury since February