Member Spotlight: Scott Homolka ()

Scott Homolka

My running story is only just beginning.

I’m 52 years old, and until about five months ago, I had never run a mile in my life. Sure, a couple of times over the years I’m sure that I made an attempt or two: a New Year’s resolution to finally get into shape, or a short-lived attempt, here or there, at turning around unhealthy habits in middle age by making a pledge to myself to exercise. But lacing up sneakers and getting out on the road just never appealed to me; I’m not afraid to admit it.

But I’ve always LOVED the outdoors: camping, hiking & bouldering, and traveling to national parks—or state parks—has always brought me joy.

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Member Spotlight: Jake Sisler ()

Jake Sisler

I started running as a freshman in high school in Carroll County, after deciding that my passion for the sport of soccer had faded.

I ran track and cross country all four years and managed to make all-county my senior year (alongside current Steeps, Arthur Leathers and Jessie Henderson). Running provided a wonderful outlet for …

We Finish Together ()

by Lynn Whiten

#WeFinishTogether and #BrownSkinGirls These two hashtags inspired me to invite my friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to join Team #BrownSkinGirls for the best race in Frederick: The Frederick Women’s Distance Festival.

The WDF has always been my favorite race.  It was my first 5K race as a Steeplechaser after joining the Women’s …

Still a Steep: Shawn Burns ()

Despite Distance, Club Members Stay Close

~Second in an occasional series~

Editor’s Note: Many Steeps members who have moved away from Frederick continue to stay in touch with us, and even travel back here for training, racing and socializing from time to time. We thought we’d reach out to learn more about our long-distance club …

Sizzling Summer Decathlon ()

by: Tim O’Keefe

The 2021 version of the Summer Decathlon was like no other of the 28 previous events. It came after a year when the Decathlon was cancelled. Due to the high school track season being extended, the first 5 events were NOT held on the track. AND it started just as COVID restrictions …