I have been a member of the Steeplechasers for less than a year but was intrigued by the group for several years. I didn’t pursue membership before as I live in Virginia and thought it probably wouldn’t be practical, but I enjoyed reading the Facebook page.

I still remember the day when I was complaining to my friend Tanja about how my career change from veterinary work to remote desk work in human medicine waws causing me to start getting aches and pains from sitting so much and she said I should should start running. My response was “Tanja I will never run.” Well, here we are in the month of my 5-year runniversary.  I had not done a race larger than a half marathon before but this crazy friend of mine that some of you may know, Barb Meely poured a little Kool-Aid and things just kind of snowballed from there. On June 3rd I completed Dam Yeti 55k!

My next adventure is in September when a group of us will be running in the Berlin marathon in Germany. This is where the previously mentioned “running pusher” Tanja is from. Her dream is to run through the Brandenburg Gate, so we are going to join her to experience the dream with her.

One perk of being a Steep is that I was I actually able to find someone to run with when my normal running partners were not available. I put a post on the FSRC Group Run fb page and I was lucky to have Crystal Tressler answer. She was a joy to run with along with another nice runner, Rhiannon Buchman and we had a blast.

My goal next year is to run the MCM and to try to place in some 5Ks and 10Ks. I will be turning 60 in December so being at the low end of an age group will be helpful LOL! Hope to see you all out there and get to know even more of you!