FRSC_trainingOur running club offers many training and group running options for all levels from beginners through advanced runners.  We also have put together a variety of running routes in the Frederick area as well as resources and tips for running.

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FSRC Training

Looking for a running group to train with or youth programs? Click here!

Do people love our training programs? You bet!

Note: many of the runs start at Talley Rec Center, in Frederick MD. From the corner of 2nd and Bentz, walk on 2nd St next to the rec center until you get just past it and see a bunch of people in running clothes, probably stretching.

Our various “programs” can be found with the following links.

Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips.

Training and Running Resources

Here are some resources for running.

Training Plans

Here are a few training plans.

Running Routes

Need some new routes? Click here!

Running Log

You want to log your miles? The Steeplechasers, with, provides a running log you can use for this purpose. The running log can collect the data in your running watch, and you can add additional information to each run if desired. Click here to access the running log, and here for information on how to get started.


Look how happy the Women’s 5K Training Group was after completing the Women’s Distance Festival 5K race.